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Thursday, October 3, 2013 : Guide Links
Thursday, September 19, 2013 : Cylaris
Welcome to Nocturnal Chaos

Thanks for joining us. We are a guild on Windrunner Server in World of Warcraft that exists to have fun and help each other. Our membership is comprised of all level characters and we currently have about 20 active level 90s who are working on end-game content and PvP. You've obviously found our website, where we plan events and post guild announcements. We also have a Ventrilo server, planned events, and have members who cover all of the maxed crafting skills.


Our guild is a semi-casual group; this means that while a number of our members may be very driven to achieve certain goals such as raid instances and level 90 dungeons, we do not require attendance at events. World of Warcraft is a game; it should be fun, not work. There is also life outside it, which consists of other people, activities, and obligations that may interfere with schedules.

In our attempt to enjoy the game at the same time that we enjoy real life, we try to schedule some activities in advance. If you would like to participate in these activities, please drop a note at the website, or send an in-game email to the activity organizer. If you are unsure of your attendance or have time constraints, make sure that you let the event organizer know. We understand the problem of unexpected interruptions, but you should probably not commit to long activities if you are not sure that you can see them through.


From time to time, people ask what rules we have. Basically, it all boils down to the kindergarten rule "Play Nice". The guild exists because we enjoy each other's company and like to play and talk together. If you are unsure as to whether a certain behavior is appropriate, you should ask yourself if it follows this rule.

Just to be clear, certain things are expressly prohibited in both the guild channel and NC chat channel. They include, but are not limited to:
  • Excessive Profanity or Vulgarity
  • Harassment
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Griefing
  • Ninja-looting/Ninja-killing
  • Begging for gold
  • Persistent whining
  • Disruptive Behavior

We are tolerant of occasional lapses and will try to gently remind people when they're close to the edge of what's allowed. We would much rather play the game than have to deal with "issues", so we're not going to be rule Nazis here. Additionally, these rules are for group chat; what you talk about in party chat or in whispers is between you and the other players. Just be aware that harassment between two members is still harassment, regardless of where it happens.


We try to schedule events ahead of time and post notice on the Guild Website a few days in advance. We will also try to have these events listed in the Guild News in-game and sign-ups can be found on the in-game Calendar.
If you have an event that you'd like to see, please feel free to suggest it or even organize and plan it. Note that you don't have to lead an event to organize it; it's perfectly acceptable to organize and event and allow someone with more knowledge of the area to lead it.


One of the nice things about our guild is that there are almost always people online, doing interesting things. Feel free to ask what's going on and join in if you want to. Working together with other members on quests and other activities is a good way to meet people and tends to be more relaxing than joining Pickup Groups (PUGs), in our experience.


From time to time, you'll find yourself in situations where you need assistance. Do not hesitate to ask if someone is available to help. However, keep a few things in mind when you're asking.

Most people keep busy while playing, so there may not always be someone available to help at the moment you ask. Many quests take more than an hour; if someone is in the middle of an instance or doing something involved, they aren't going to be able to drop everything and help out.

If no one answers you after one or two requests, look elsewhere. There may be people locally who can help you. Alternatively, you could do something else and request help again later, when people might be free. Try to avoid spamming chat with multiple help requests in a short period of time, since that only makes people less inclined to render assistance.

If someone does help you, be sure to thank them and offer to help them if there is something you can provide. Chances are that they took time out from what they were doing, so you need to acknowledge that in some way. At the very least, a heart-felt thank you will help make them feel appreciated and will increase the chance of them helping you again in the future.

Make sure and help others when they ask for it. People who regularly help others tend to find that others are more ready to help them.


Many problems that we have seen in our stint as guild leaders elsewhere have arisen because of artificial distinctions created by the use of officer ranks. A leader is someone that people follow; no title can either bestow that ability nor take it away. The use of military-sounding ranks often generates friction between members as people vie for the title without understanding or following through with the responsibilities.

Within World of Warcraft, an "officer" is just an access level that can invite members, remove members, and speak on a different channel when necessary. The true leaders of any guild are those who organize and run activities; this has nothing to do with a title or a few access rights.

Therefore, Nocturnal Chaos has selected a few individuals who have been granted the rights to invite and kick. These people are not denoted in any special way, so as not to create envy from some special title. If you wish to invite someone, speak up on the website or on the channel, and we'll talk to them. If someone becomes a nuisance, they will be removed.


We hope this answers most questions that people have upon joining our group. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments that aren't addressed within this, do not hesitate to ask one of us or drop us an email or in-game mail. We may not follow every suggestion, but we promise to listen closely and give you our utmost consideration.

See you in the game, and have fun!
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 : PVP Tournament / Noob Tauren Race! kenji101
Hello and welcome to your loving guild site with all the info and news for upcoming events!

First off, the PVP Tournament and its rules you all will be under.

1) This will be a One vs One Fight.
2) All fights will be at random and generated threw system
3) Due to this being our first PVP tournament, ABSOLUTELY NO PVP GEAR will be used this month. Next month and forward on though this rule will no longer apply.
4) Flasks, potions are a go!
5) Mind Control is forbidden in this months match.

We will be duking it out at the Timeless Isle, on the ropes of the hidden treasure. Keep in mind if you are NOT a pandaren, you will die if you fall. Winner will continue to the next round.

Winner of the tournament will win a choice of a free steam game of what ever game I have to give, 1k Gold, or crafted pet. Also Will be featured in our guild site with a picture for January's winner!

If any questions to the PVP tournament,
feel free to bug Panda.

Second thing is our Noob Tauren race!

Those participating in this event will make a LVL 1 Tauren of your choice ASIDE HUNTERS, HUNTERS ARE FORBIDDEN IN THIS RACE!!

We will divide the groups into how many necessary and the objective is simple. You will race everybody from the start of the starting zone, all the way to were I will announce the finish line.

If you stray away to far or lost I or another watcher will pick you up and drop you off to the last place runner. There are no speed boosts, no crying for mounts, only your two feet and what you think is the best path to the finish line.

Winner of this will also be featured on front page of Facebook and guild site for Jan's winners along with a choice of game from my inventory or 1k gold to their main toon.

Sign ups are on the calender! Check the date and sign up! more the better. I wish everybody the best of luck and deeply encourage everybody to participate as we continue to keep our guildies active.

~ Panda
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 : Music Player Cylaris
Ok guys! I love listening to music while I play so Blog some ideas for me to add to the player!

Rock and Roll lets have some fun.....
Saturday, January 10, 2009 : Logo... Cylaris
Ideas??? Put them in the gallery....if yours is chosen it could make your pockets heavy.
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